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Classical study, MOOC courses and VREL distant labs...

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If you're a student...

First of all: congrats! If you are here, it means you’re willing to go beyond the average study model and join those who know and care!
As a higher education student, studying in partner universities (and many others) you can attend to the IOT-OPEN.EU based course at your university.  See the full list of currently running courses here. Some of those courses are included in your regular study programme; some others are electable. Visit iot-open.eu website regularly, to find courses nearby.

If you’re external to the project partner universities, there is nothing to worry about! You can still benefit, participating in an online course hosted via one of our MOOC platforms, and enjoy our IOT-OPEN.EU Coursebook, available here for download as a PDF file. Full list of online courses is available here. Or maybe it is time to become an Erasmus+ student and move abroad for a semester, or two to our partner universities, and enjoy IOT-OPEN.EU course individually?

If you're a technology enthusiast...

Great to see you! Whether you’re an experienced engineer, a hobbyist or someone willing to develop a home automation system, here is a great place to start.

First of all, we suggest to get familiar with our book. You can have it for free as PDF file, here. You can refer to this book to evaluate your level of confidence with IOT. Next step is to consider participating in an exciting online course, hosted in one of the MOOC platforms. Full list of courses is available here.

Possibly you’d like to interface with some hardware and go beyond theory, isn’t it? You can build your own laboratory or use a ready one. Enjoy several VREL labs that you can access via your web browser only, yet still, interface with real devices! You will learn how to access them here.

If you're a non-IoT professional...

Possibly you are to get familiar with IOT or boost your professional career towards new challenges. You can start from the online, self-study course on various IOT levels. Full list of courses is available here.
We suggest you keep the IOT-OPEN.EU Coursebook somewhere, to refer to it when needed.
If you and your team is starting to work with IOT, maybe it is a good idea to develop your online course and share it with your professional team? We’ve got great news! All content to let you prepare your class, tailored to your specific needs, is available here.
And if you want to test your skills, enjoy our VREL labs – a unique solution where you can interface with real hardware using just a web browser!

If you're a teacher or tutor...

Are you a teacher? Great! So we do!
Understanding how time-consuming is a preparation of the new course or module, we offer you ready materials. Whether you choose to prepare a classical curriculum with DLP projections or an online course, we have an almost instant solution for you. All you need it so assembly your learning curve.
Just have a minute and jump into the content pages. Here is a summary of what we offer, for free of course!

Latest news

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Photos from IoT-Open.eu's post

Our distant laboratories, implemented within a scope of the IOT-OPEN.EU, have been successfully presented at the annual conference FIE 2020 (Frontiers in Education, https://www.fie2020.org/), along ... See more

Our Story

IOT-OPEN.EU project is funded by the European Community under Erasmus+ programme KA2 (Strategic Partnership for Higher Education). The consortium is lead by Silesian University of Technology and is composed of:

  • SUT (Poland, Gliwice) – Silesian University of Technology (Politechnika Śląska),
  • ITT (Estonia, Tallinn) – ITT Group,
  • ITMO (Russia, Sankt Petersburg) – National Research University of Information Technologies Mechanics and Optics (Санкт-Петербургский национальный исследовательский университет информационных технологий, механики и оптики),
  • RTU (Latvia, Riga) – Riga Technical University (Rigas Tehniska Universitate),
  • UME (Italia, Sicilia, Messina) – University of Messina (Universita Degli Studi Di Messina),
  • TUT (Estonia, Tallinn) – Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinna Tehnikaulikool).

Our project idea was initially inaugurated in 2015 and was growing towards proposal submitted in 2016. Project implementation starts on 1 December 2016 and lasts till 31 August 2019.
Project is funded by Erasmus+ KA2 – action managed by Polish National Agency and Erasmus+ representative FRSE (Foundation for the Development of the Education System).

We already achieved in IOT-OPEN.EU project over

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About us

IOT-OPEN.EU Consortium core is composed of the 6 partners from 5 countries. There are 5 Higher Education bodies and one Commercial company in the Consortium. We are also supported by over 25 institutions, including local and global industrial partners, educational institutions and organisations forming an External Advisory Board of professionals.