MIT Media Lab + IoT at BROS

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MIT Media Lab held the Symposium Blockchain for Robotic Systems – BROS 2018. And the main thread was blockchain usage for communication of autonomous systems, especially for IoT. The team made his impact to the discussion of blockchain for IoT implementation. We presented the topic Robonomics: The Economy of Robots, blockchain based decentralized IoT […] at IROS, Madrid

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IROS is one of the largest and most impacting robotics research conferences worldwide. And we presented some tricks from at “Hand-Shaking Advanced Control in Marine Robotics Applications” workshop. The topic was “Marine Vessel with Blockchain Based Sensors Network for Environmental Monitoring”. @akapitonov told, how to organize an independent water monitoring system with a blockchain […]

Our colleague on Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar during Nobel Week

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Our colleague Valeriy Chernov presented project about decentralized Internet of Things, Economics of Robots: Next step in Digital Economy on Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar as a part of the Nobel Week. He talked about possibilities of autonomous agents in decentralized networks, what’s a one of the topics in IOT-OPEN.EU outputs.

IOT-OPEN.EU presented on blockchain meetups in Brussels, Luxembourg, Twente and Boston

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Our colleagues made a last meetup devoted decentralized Internet of Things technologies, where IOT-OPEN.EU consortium was a partner. It was started in the end of September on IROS conference in Vancouver and finished 17th of November in Boston. 16th of October IOT-OPEN.EU was presented at the meetup in Brusseles. Here you can find a short […]