MIT Media Lab + IoT at BROS

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MIT Media Lab held the Symposium Blockchain for Robotic Systems – BROS 2018. And the main thread was blockchain usage for communication of autonomous systems, especially for IoT. The team made his impact to the discussion of blockchain for IoT implementation. We presented the topic Robonomics: The Economy of Robots, blockchain based decentralized IoT […]

MOOC technology

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So here we are ;-). All our team is working hard on implementing the final steps of the MOOC course for beginners. Polish, Latvian and Italian teams are instantly playing somewhere between green-screen studio, post-processing and graphics design. Some of the pictures on the IoT Application Domain chapter no 1.5 are attached below. As it […]

IOT-OPEN.EU promo video is ready

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Announcing campaign on next spring 2019 with new MOOC courses on the Internet of Things, available through EDX platform, starts with IOT-OPEN.EU consortium promo video. There are 3 courses coming, covering: IOT-OPEN.EU#EDX1: A crash course on IoT for Beginners and Bachelor students; IOT-OPEN.EU#EDX2: An advanced programming of the IoT devices, for those who will study […]

MOOC platform selected!

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We’re all excited to announce that our IoT comprehensive course will be available on-line as MOOC for free (with optional, paid, certified track) via the EDX platform! We’re foreseeing three courses to be implemented: IoT for Beginners: undergraduated (bachelors) students, amateurs and professionals starting their experience with IoT, IoT Intermediate topics: for undegraduates willing to […]