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IO3 VREL remote access distant laboratories – significant implementation step!

VREL remote lab nodes are on its way!

Here comes time for the show! SUT Team has successfully finished mechanical assembling 6 of 7 VREL remote distant lab nodes. Now we need to equip this stuff with IoT devices and provide remote access for you. Keep watching and get ready for VREL experience in your IoT Education.

Nodes list (as valid by 15th February 2018)

Nodes 1 through 4 are general purpose labs for various programming activities, including wireless communication on the separate network.

Node 5 is on mechatronics and IoT robotics (details coming soon).

Node 6 is in the light (exposition, colour) balancing (see photos below).

We’re also working hard on Node 7, a VREL located at the top of the AEiI Department that appears as the most significant challenge at the moment. Installation Node 7 is the only one that is found outdoors, and it is designated as a Smart Home model, scaled down.

To implement the lab, we’re using most modern components including lightweight alloy based scattering and 3D printed parts.

Many thanks to Artur Czachor, our support from the Environmental Engineering Department for a great job!

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