MOOC platform selected!

We’re all excited to announce that our IoT comprehensive course will be available on-line as MOOC for free (with optional, paid, certified track) via the EDX platform!

We’re foreseeing three courses to be implemented:

  1. IoT for Beginners: undergraduated (bachelors) students, amateurs and professionals starting their experience with IoT,
  2. IoT Intermediate topics: for undegraduates willing to extend their knowledge and for masters willing to refresh and update their existing experience with IoT. We also assume, it is for professionals who are taking their IoT skills to leverage from beginners to daily developers.
  3. Advanced IoT: for master students and researchers.

Please note, the above list is a proposal. If you feel IoT is your life, do not hesitate and join the courses. It is recommended however, that you follow the growing path, so start from course number 1.

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