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MOOC technology

So here we are ;-). All our team is working hard on implementing the final steps of the MOOC course for beginners. Polish, Latvian and Italian teams are instantly playing somewhere between green-screen studio, post-processing and graphics design. Some of the pictures on the IoT Application Domain chapter no 1.5 are attached below. As it comes time to share some of our back-office, we’re using an interesting set of technologies to implement IO2: professional GreenScreen studios (one located in Gliwice/Poland, the other in Riga/Latvia and another one in Messina/Sicily) to record so-called talking head in a background-less way; the scenarios and the EDX learning curve is kept using Google Docs and Google Drive while videos are held in the QNAP machine with USB 3.1 and 4Gbps Ethernet connections for rapid video transmission, capable to store up to 40TB of data (currently 18TB).
Screencasting is done using OBS open source software and we’re recording screen videos using Yeti microphone, possibly the best one and most popular among Youtubers!
And here comes the most complex part: nonlinear video editing is done in Poland, Latvia and Sicily using DaVinci Resolve and then in Russia using Adobe.

Keep on-line to see the results next spring!

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