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Tokyo, Waseda University and Meetup presentation

In the end of January we presented IOT-OPEN.EU consortium in Tokyo, Waseda University, one of the famous pioneer in humanoid robotics.  Our colleagues support our approach to teaching of the state of art IoT technologies. We found many common topics for collaboration, because IoT in robotics applications it’s a next necessary step.

Also we discussed ethics questions with Prof. Toshie Takahashi. There are many problems in global automation (IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart cities), like job cuts, changing social communications, change in taxation.  We hope a new approaches will be focused not only on technologies but will take into account a side effects.

In Tokyo we got a chance to make a presentation to the wide public, and spend one evening with Tokyo Crypto Alliance community. We got a big positive feedback and invited participants to IOT-OPEN.EU course in this year.

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