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What SD/microSD/tf card should you purchase for IoT device storage?

Memory card SDMarket offers various transflash cards in a form of SD/microSD (easily exchangeable using adapter).
They mostly vary by read and write speed. In case of IoT devices it is usually not a case that integrated card reader can read and write faster than some 30-40MBps, so even the slowest models among the modern SD cards are suitable. Storage size is also not a case in most IoT utilities. So is price the key here? Not really. The most important thing is … durability. Considering IoT device is expected to work longer than cell phone generation, shall we consider around 10-20 years of operation. A short review (2015 yet stil valid) of various cards and their application for popular Raspberry Pi platform is here . It may be helpful when considering, which memory card to buy.

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