IOT-OPEN.EU: Introduction to the IoT Practical Projects in English

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IOT-OPEN.EU Intellectual Output 3 result: Introduction to the IoT - Practical Projects in English.


IOT-OPEN.EU selected consortium partners collective monography. The full list of contributors is juxtaposed below.

ITT Group

  • Raivo Sell, Ph.D., ING-PAED IGIP
  • Rim Puks, Eng.
  • Mallor Kingsepp, Eng.

Silesian University of Technology

  • Piotr Czekalski, Ph.D., Eng.
  • Gabriel Drabik, Ph.D., Eng.
  • Oleg Antemijczuk, M.Sc., Eng.
  • Jarosław Paduch, M.Sc., Eng.

University of Messina

  • Salvatore Distefano, Ph.D., Eng.
  • Riccardo Di Pietro, Eng.
  • Giovanni Merlino, Ph.D., Eng.
  • Carlo Scaffidi, Eng.

Graphic design and images

  • Blanka Czekalska, M.Sc., Eng., Arch.
  • Małgorzata Wiktorczyk, B.Sc.