Lecture materials on IoT for tutors

If you are a teacher or a tutor, it is a good starting point to develop your own classical course at your university or professional school, prepare a short summer course for your K12 pupils and so on.

Generally, we suggest you base your course on the Introduction to the IoT coursebook’s content, but we provide even more!

Below is a ready set of DLP materials in downloadable PDF format to let you quickly prepare your content or use ours. The study material is organised into eight lectures. Note that content delivered via those files is a shortened starting point for your oral presentations for the audience. It won’t replace nor substitute the speaker itself.

We suggest about 15h (1-2ECTS) for the bachelor’s level module, using provided materials “as is”. Please note those materials do not cover the full scope of the IoT topics, as presented in the Introduction to the IoT book.

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